The Slump. The Rut. The Pity Party. 

Sometimes these things happen, and my life is no exception. Riding has somewhat fallen to the wayside because of life and because I just don't have the drive that I did last year! 

Barn visits have become few and far between this month, and if I go it is usually spent on maintenance, grooming, turnout, preparing grain bags and the like, rather than riding. 

We have to understand and be ok with these times- they are simply part of life! Sometimes you have to recognize when it is not beneficial to swing your leg over. It is up to you to set yourself and your horse up for success, and if you can't do so for yourself, you absolutely can't do so for your horse- and that is okay! Your plans may change or be delayed, but never be afraid of taking a step back and being proud of where you have already come.
Enjoy the routine of your normal and bring back more intensity when you are ready.