All Change for Izzy and Skye!

  Skye with her two new friends, Maddy (left) and Penny (centre).

Skye with her two new friends, Maddy (left) and Penny (centre).


A month or so ago, I made the difficult decision to move yards, away from a good friend and Skye's home for a good three years. 

We've now been in our new home for almost a month and, although it's taken some serious getting used to, I really feel that I made the best possible decision. The first week was so hard. I didn't know anyone, and although everyone was so friendly and willing to talk, it was still incredibly isolating being the newbie.

Skye didn't seem overly bothered. The first day she was really unsettled and paced the fence all day. She didn't stop to graze once so I decided it might be best to try her in a field with other mares. Now she's really happy, and I believe that, with these horses coming and going so often, she'll get used to being on her own, and (fingers crossed) we'll have resolved her anxieties for good. Obviously it's a work in progress, and these things take time, but we're finally on the right track!

Over the last three weeks, we've been hacking out in company almost every day. Skye has learned to lead out and is really comfortable being at the front, but we're still working on being in the middle, when we're with more than one other horse.

The tracks around our new yard are really gravelly and Skye has been having problems walking over the stones. I feel awful that she's stumbling all the time but I know that it does take time to build up good hard feet, especially when you've moved from somewhere where the ground was constantly wet. So for the meantime, we're sticking to the grass verges!

We've made some good friends and now have several hacking buddies to go out with. The hacking is amazing, you can go for miles and miles without seeing a single road or car, and Skye is really proving herself to be very sensible in wide open spaces. This is often a massive worry when out hacking, especially when you're riding a young horse!

  Out on a hack with Jane and Pirri and Elina (Who took the picture) and Rainbow.

Out on a hack with Jane and Pirri and Elina (Who took the picture) and Rainbow.

Our schooling still needs a little bit of work though... we now have an indoor school to work in, and although this is great and allows me to ride in all weathers, it's very enclosed and Skye isn't 100% happy being in there by herself. But we're taking baby steps, and going in there as often as we can.

I've booked a joint lesson with a friend, and I'm hoping that this will become a regular occurrence, so she'll have plenty of chances to get used to being in there.

Recently, we've had a few issues with her and her field-mate both coming into season at the same time. Skye is usually fine, if not a little grumpy sometimes, but the majority of the time, I'd never be able to tell that her hormones were all over the place!

But now, she's constantly calling out, and Rainbow, the mare stabled next door calls out for her too! This makes poor Skye a little anxious and she'll often jog all the way to the field if Rainbow has been turned out before her. 

Hopefully, we're coming to the end of it now, well, for another 3 weeks or so and I'll have my usual level-headed horse back!

I'm really excited to see what this summer will bring for us, and I promise to keep you all updated on our progress!

Izzy xx