TBL Welcome's A New Contributor!

We are pleased to announce our new contributor Katherine Shelton!  

I am sure you remember her name, from her wonderful article last month "Challenges For Plus Size Riders."  Katherine has a great voice and we are excited to read more of her views opinions and horse experience as she makes her way to equestrian greatness!


 Photo credit: Grey Horse Photography

Photo credit: Grey Horse Photography

Hello there!
My name is Katherine Shelton.
I own a young Shire cross who is going to be my trail horse and I lease another Shire cross with whom I am learning Dressage. I have been involved with horses since I was about 14, and after a few years out of horses, I bought my filly at 4 months old, sight unseen, from over 1000 miles away! It was scary but it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. She was started this winter and in the spring I'll bring her back under saddle and start the fun work with her. 

I am a plus size rider and I worked hard to lose 75 pounds in 2015. This gave me the confidence to ride in a schooling show for the first time in September 2016 after spending the year learning the basics of dressage. My journey continues now with more lessons, many shows planned this year, and as a student of the online Dressage Mastery Academy program. 
I work as a 911 dispatcher in Northern California. It is a career I am extremely passionate about and which allows me the flexibility to ride often (though typically while very, very tired!). 

My goal as a writer is to write about the things we are all aware of but often overlook! I like to bring a sarcastic flair to my articles in order to make the topics more interesting and relatable. 
I look forward to a long future providing clever and interesting articles for the readers here at ThatBarnLife.com.

If you have any questions or commentary you can leave them below or reach me at dxroo@outlook.com. 

Thank you!