The Smart Halter That Might Just Save Your Horse's Life

I absolutely love technology, and I'm always on the look-out for the latest developments and new products. 

And when I found this... I just had to share it with you...

Because it might just save your horse's life.

The C word


It's every horse owner's worst nightmare and I'm sure many of you - if you haven't lost a horse yourself - will probably know someone who has. 

Some types of colic are preventable but sadly it often strikes without any prior warning. And in these cases, it can have devastating consequences.

A big worry for many horse owners is not being around when they need us the most. The majority of us are likely to check on our horses twice a day (unless you're very lucky and live on-site) and realistically we can't watch them 24/7 - as much as we'd like to!

So what happens if they are injured during the day, or start displaying signs of colic? With no one around to intervene, there's every chance that you might just arrive... too late.

But unless we're always with them, how on earth will we know when they really need us?

“Each day, more than 150 horses in the United States (on average) will die of colic, and that’s what keeps us up at night.” 
Jeffrey R. Schab, Founder & CEO

Introducing the NIGHTWATCH smart halter

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Following the tragic loss of his horse, Snoop in 2013, Jeffrey Schab set about creating a revolutionary solution to prevent others experiencing the same heartache. You can read more about his story here.

The NIGHTWATCH halter is the world's first smart halter that monitors and records your horse's heart rate, respiration rate, activity, motion and posture in real time. The results are quickly uploaded to the mobile app where you can track your horse's data and access historical information.

Being 'smart', it actually learns what is normal for your horse and can quickly detect the smallest of changes in their behaviour or activity.

For example, the halter can monitor and learn how many times your horse might roll during the day, or how many times he gets up and down.

As these are early signs of colic, this halter is invaluable.

The greatest thing about the NIGHTWATCH halter is that, if it determines that your horse is in distress, it will alert you via text, phone and email so that you can get to them as quickly as possible.

You'd never have to worry about your horse again!

NIGHTWATCH is NOT a Fitbit for horses
— Jeffrey R. Schab, Founder & CEO

There are already several great wearable technologies on the market for horses but none of them can do what NIGHTWATCH does.

The majority of wearable tech I've come across focuses more on the horses performance and fitness. And, although useful for trainers that are serious about competing, for the every day person, they're probably not worth the money.

The NIGHTWATCH halter however is very much worth it, and although it's at the higher end of the pricing spectrum (prices start from around $499.99 for the leather collar and $549.99 for the halter) you can't put a price on your horses life, especially if they are prone to colic or another condition. 

If you consider how much you might pay for abdominal surgery or ongoing treatment and medication. Or how much it might cost if your horse didn't make it, then it's a no brainer!

The NIGHTWATCH halter is currently available to horses in the US and in Canada and can be pre-ordered on the website, here

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