Where Does The Time Go?

The equestrian vortex- We all know the feeling.

You show up at the barn at 8am on Saturday, eager to get going. You set down your water bottle and get to work on your plans for your visit. Riding, cleaning tack, saying hello to your favorite horses. A short while later, a sick feeling comes across you- you feel like you are forgetting something. You check your phone for the time and gasp. It is already 3pm! There is no way you will make it to your lunch date in time. Where, oh where, does the time go when we're at the barn? 

All horse folk know that the elusive "time" is typically tricky for us. It is so easy to waste away the hours and have no idea you're doing so. But what are the factors causing this phenomenon? To begin, when you are in your happy place, time seems to fly- this of course ties in to the old adage "time flies when you are having fun." This, of course, can't be the only cause. Increasingly, equestrians live separately from where their horse is kept. The cost sharing allowed by boarding provides access to nicer facilities and thus makes it an attractive option. However, not living at the same location as your horse also tends to make you lump all of those "extra" horse chores together- chores such as cleaning tack, bagging grain, organizing your tack room or locker, washing pads, boots, and polos, etcetera. The longer your list is, the less "free" time you have to sit and enjoy the fact that you are at the barn. You have many things to get done while you're there, so you move from one to the next and often don't pay attention to time. Apparently, time only slows when you have a second to recognize the concept! 

Finally, there is the unknown factor we can't pinpoint. Is there really a time vortex? Is there a hole in the space-time continuum? Does time even apply when we are with horses? We may never know why this feeling of lost time occurs, but we can absolutely say that the best days of our lives are full and exciting- and often, they go by entirely too quickly.