Horse Insurance Really Needed?!

Do We Really Need
Horse Insurance??


YES!!!! And make no mistake about it you will be thanking me for this advice!  
I am sure you already know how unpredictable horses are, Don’t leave yourself open for accidents! Just like your home/car/boat or pet. It is imperative for you to have horse insurance if you ride or own a horse.
So now what? Which company do you choose? Are horses covered under homeowner’s insurance? –Both good questions! Keep reading!  I will attempt to answer both queries, and should you need more… at least I’ll have left you with an idea of where to start and enough interest to do a little investigating. With that said, Don’t worry! Personal horse insurance is really easy to obtain and not that expensive. For the simple peace of mind… to know you have protection in place, it’s completely worth it!

Where to start:

Well. When you google “Horse insurance” a number of companies come up in the query. Most of them are out of state (ironic) but what you’re looking for is a company that offers individual coverage with liability protection. This will assist you with regard to property damage and bodily injury on or off premises should your horse hurt someone or their property!

The company I use is called “Sypolt Insurance” I have the personal liability package. The paperwork takes less than 10 mins to fill out and it cost $175 per year. You can’t beat that people! Below are brief descriptions of the other packages they offer.


Personal Owners:
This insurance is for an individual, to provide liability protection and defense for the actions of owned horses.

Horse Club:
This insurance is to provide coverage and defense costs for the club and club members in the event someone other than a club member suffers bodily injury or property damage and feels the club was responsible.

Commercial Equine:
Commercial Equine Liability insurance helps protect your business and reputation. This insurance is for horse-related operations. To include boarding, breeding, training and racing facilities; horse shoes; sales; and riding instruction from rented or owned premises.

Care. Custody & Control:
Care, Custody and Control insurance is essential protection for those who board, train, or breed horses for others.

Workers Compensation:
Do you have any full-time or part-time domestic or farm and ranch employees? This is the coverage for you!

Equine Mortality:
Equine Mortality is a "life" insurance policy for your horse, with you, the owner, as beneficiary.

Below are a few links for companies to get you started. Please make sure to perform your own due diligence.   

Sypolt Insurance Services, Inc. ( )
Att: Mary Blincoe Sypolt
11344 Coloma Rd., Suite 635
Gold River, Ca. 95670
Tel:800-995-4770 Fax:916-669-1363

Equine Insurance ( )
Parker General Insurance
211 S. Glendora Ave Suite B
Glendora, CA 91741
Phone: (800) 321-5723
Fax: (818) 963-0606i

First Choice Insurance Services (!horse-mortality/vq9if )
1324 N. Liberty Lake Rd, #167
Liberty Lake, WA 99019
Tel:  509-638-2558
Fax:  509-559-7197

Is Homeowners Insurance The Way?

What about wonderful homeowner’s insurance? Does it cover your horse? The short answer is - READ THE FINE PRINT! Some homeowners' policies will not provide coverage if the horse is not kept at home. Some policies have specific exclusions for livestock. As well as If you lease your horse, that is considered “commercial use” and therefore excluded from your homeowners' insurance. It’s important to check your policy!

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