Your Horses Health! It's Important!

Physical & Mental Health

By Clare Long

Your horses mental and physical health is extremely important! We need to make sure that the horses that we are in charge of do not colic, have ulcers or get bellyaches! Not by chance, but by my training and handling methods. A horses training advances consistently each day. They have extremely strong foundations and work happily and joyfully and willingly, with little defensiveness, mental, or physical blocks. Some people might accuse my methods as being too fluffy, or too easy. But, "my" horses stay sound physically, they stay healthy physically, they stay healthy and sound mentally, and we still get our desired goals. My horses still get to where they need to be training wise, and keeping their owners safe and happy. Unlike many of the barns you walk into, you do not have multiple horses that are lame, that are rehabbing, that have had a recent colic, that crib or windsuck or weave, that are angry and ears back and teeth grinding under saddle. You get none of that in my barn. It is not by accident, it is because of my 40 years of horse experience and training, creating a positive program for horses and riders of any level or discipline. Are my horses ready to compete as Eventers, or run the Tevis, or compete at the FEI level of Dressage? No, but that is for their graduate degree, which you could call "finishing school". My training technique produces horses that are ready to move up and move on, correctly and without resistance.

My Golden Rules:

1. Every horse I've ever met benefits from being Free Schooled before they are ridden.
2. Every horse I've ever met benefits from consistency in their program.
3. Every horse I've ever met does not want to live in a box stall. Period.
4. Every horse I've ever met benefits from getting three feedings a day, horses do not like to be hungry!
5. Every horse I've ever met benefits from kindness, reward, and positive reinforcement.
6. No horse on the planet wants to be ridden in a solid curb bit!  Stick with a snaffle or a jointed, shanked bit (See below)

Other important facts:

1. Saddle fit! Extremely important! Horses will not thrive if they are in pain!
2. Be willing to experiment with different bits. Some horses just desperately need to go bit-less.

Also, as a general rule, no horse wants to work in a curb bit! They all hate Curb bits.
Try to find something else. Most snaffles are great. Again, use your common sense. Double twisted wire...probably not very comfortable.
For the Western riders, if you have to have a shanked bit, the Tom Thumb works great, and the horses are comfortable in them, because they are really just a glorified snaffle.
Please refer to my article about Bits, on the "Products I Recommend and Why" website page