Shame On You Stanford!

Stanford Is Back Taking Pasture Land!

I am sure by now, that everyone has heard about the "The Great Migration" from Page Mill Pastures. Sad but true, a lot of people (including myself) are looking for a new home. Here's what we know of now.

*Changes to take place by Aug. 31, 2016:

MUST be in full compliance with the Habitat Conservation Program (HCP)
MUST remove the geldings Upper Catch Pen
MUST remove all the lower stalls and structures
MUST remove all the sheds/tack/storage structures along the creek
MUST remove all structures located in the pastures on Coyote Hill (aka. “Flat Pasture”)

*Changes to take place by Dec. 31, 2016:

MUST remove all horses on the east side pastures, both upper and lower gelding pastures
MUST remove all horses and structures on Old Pagemill Rd.
MUST reduce the total number of horses on property to twenty five (25) horses maximum

*Once both phases are completed all affected property will be deducted from the original lease acreage allotment and returned to Stanford for their use only

PMP will be permitted to keep the following; main parking area, mares catch pen, riding/lesson program, upper stalls/upper arenas/structures and mares pasture in total 118 acrea.

What's Really Going On? 

Could this really all be about the university's plan to protect the California tiger salamander, and the California red-legged frog, Western pond turtle and San Francisco garter snakes? After all these years our horses have to make way for the reptile? 
It began at the Public Meeting for the Stanford Land Use Planning Processon Thursday, June 2, at Paul Brest Hall at the Munger Graduate Residence. Where Stanford proceeded to outlined the sections of the Foothill Lands found in Stanford University's Habitat Conservation.
Outlining the areas in GREEN and BROWN that are slated for possible development. Which will take away our precious pasture land where our horses love to run.

Take a closer look at Stanford's 1985 LAND USE POLICY AGREEMENT with Santa Clara County. Stanford's Planing and Development Santa Clara County.

So... if there is anyone out there that has a private barn and has space for horses. Please post on the Bay Area Horse Stall & Pasture Boarding. on Facebook.
Because inquiring minds wanna know! And we need a place to go!

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