Hoof Abcesses ....Here we go again!

Horse Hoof Abbesses! Will We Ever Be Free?!

Listen TBL Readers (ugh!) Hoof Abscesses are truly the gift that keeps on giving! So readers, if you have been following my plight with my horse Phury...(yes this is how I spell it JR Ward fans will understand!)  I can't seem to get a way from the dreaded hoof abscess! Especially during rainy season and those one off rain days. The mud and bacteria make the hoof wall lining soft which then allows for debris and infection to invade your horses hood. For those who haven't been following... I have an 11yr Thoroughbred who recently has been plagued with hoof issues. First, his white line disease returned (he has had it twice thus far) Second, he had very bad thrush this time in his frog which made him very uncomfortable as well as lame! And now Third, he has an abscess! #givemestrength!!

 "Serenity Now!" -Frank Constanza, Seinfeld

Why me!? I say! As soon as one thing heals something else pops up and there is nothing one can do but just wait. Which I did for two solid weeks! and the darn thing would not burst! Days of poultices and watching my three legged horse hobble around the pasture! I finally gave in and called the vet! (not even going to tell you how much that cost!) but I had to do something! As my horse is properly named and he get's furious! ornery of course, because he's only on 3 legs (4th being injured) and in pain. It makes it very difficult to clean the other hooves which could lead to more issues! I was due to see the farrier at the end of the week and he couldn't come sooner. At the very least the vet could make him more comfortable by way of medication. Which she did. But the diagnosis was the same.. another poultice and wait for the infection to come forth and expose itself.
As Friday came and my fairer with it, I crossed my fingers for a miracle. From the video below it looks like my prayers were answered!  

Update: As of May 16th Phury is back on 4 legs! and working his way back into full time training!

Below are some more thrush photos...(Not Phury's ) but just so you get an idea of just how bad thrush can get!
-Photos provided by Mike Hayward (our friendly neighborhood British Farrier -lol )