The Tenth Life Foundation

"When Nine Lives isn't Enough" - Tenth Life Foundation

I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn DeVon from Tenth Life Foundation, a couple of weeks back, when she was picking up some crates that were on loan to us.

Tenth Life Mission: To reduce the number of unadoptable community cats that are killed at animal shelters in the five-county San Francisco Bay area. 

They accomplish this by adopting the cats into safe, outdoor locations, such as barns, ranches and back yards, where the cats provide natural rodent control and are fed and sheltered throughout their lives. 
We had recently adopted two cats for the job of "Hay barn guard duty!" And if you have ever stepped in a barn you know what I mean! Those pesky rodent have a lot of cheek! running across the rafters! squirrels / Pigeons and mice alike! This collaboration sounds like a win/win doesn't it?

If you need a barn cat please check out their website and give them a call for more information!