Tailor Fitness Workouts For Horse Riding!

Horse Riding is not just about being in the saddle! Its important to keep that core tight and right!

Tailor your fitness program for horse riding

Not all horse riders know they need fitness training to ride a horse, even if they already possess excellent riding skills. A rider’s performance could waver without a fit body and sound mind. Experienced equestrians understand the need for discipline and control when horse riding and therefore look to exercise one's body, off the horse, to perform excellently.

I read a quote recently saying “Riding on the back of another animal does not qualify as exercise.” meaning... “the horse is doing all the work, not all the carbs in the saddle?!.” Reaction to this saying was mixed feeling; Many are against the thought that riding a horse is a form of exercise; (I think it is!) But in conjunction with a complete fitness plan will make for a well rounded equestrian.

 If you desire the best in horse riding, I suggest you disembark your horse right now and go for rigorous training off your horse. Like T. A Armstrong’s said, “Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the years they spend preparing for it...”

 Controlling a horse is not with force; a horse only surrenders to the one they trust, but the trust will come with your confidence and proper postures when you mounted them. An awkwardly seated equestrian will send the wrong signals to the horse. Therefore, to improve your confidence and performance riding a horse, consider the following fitness exercises without a horse.

 1.    Strength Building exercise

Strength training involves regular exercising with heavier resistance to strengthen your muscular system. Exercises for strength building include:  Bear Crawl, Tuck Jump, Inchworm, Plyometric Push-Up, Plank-to-Push-Up and much more

 2.    Stability Stretch

Core stability is what coordinates the effort of your deep muscles like the trunk, hips, pelvis, abdominal and small muscles along the spinal column. These muscles contract together to create the force used to hold the spinal column in alignment. Exercises for stability include: Abdominal Engagement, Stabilized Crunches, Russian Twists, Bicycles, Deadlifts, and Planks

 3.    Flexibility workout

Flexibility is the key to becoming a better rider, and even in life and sports activities. The following exercises will help develop your flexibility: Trunk Stretches, Hip Stretches, Leg Stretches, Upper Body Stretches, and Neck Stretches

 Importance of a rider’s fitness

An Arabian proverb says “horse is God’s gift to mankind”, but I want to add that the mankind needs to merit the use of the horse to claim the Gods gift. While many riders take a keen interest in the fitness of their horses, they pay less attention to their personal fitness.

 Unless you are fully fit, including being mentally and physically fit, riding a horse could be a drudgery task, and the time you spend riding might not be so enjoyable. Many see horses like driving a car, but it’s more than that obviously! You need the discipline and the fitness combined to muster the required confidence to mount a horse.


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