What To Do With The Poo?

Goal: To give you a little insight on Manure management

The Backstory: “What to do with the Poo!” It is a question that I am sure every ranch owner and horse facility operator asks themselves everyday! As there is just so much of it! A 1000lb horse can poop up to thirteen times each day and produce approximately nine tons of manure each year. The same horse will produce, on the average, 37 pounds of manure and 2.4 gallons of urine daily, which totals about 50 pounds of raw waste per day in feces and urine combined. That’s just one horse! There are at least 8 in my pasture at the moment!  So what do we do with it? besides scoop it into wheelbarrows to be hauled away in shipping containers by manure fairies?

The Solution: There are a few things actually… Horse manure has really a amazing source of nutrients that can be used as fertilizers and compost.  Keep in mind people, it is a complex system “Composting” you actually have to have a license to do it at a commercial level, (if you plan on trying to sell it to the public) so before you let your dreams posting your compost manure pile on Craigslist better look into the requirements! #justsayin

But Horse manure has the capacity of giving new plants the jump start it needs for continual growth. Other uses? You can use it as as fuel, and back in the day it was use as construction material?! Apparently its one of the components of Adobe?! So does that mean all of those beautiful adobe homes in New Mexico are made with Poo? –LOL

In any case for now, Bay Area horse folks there is a really nice guy by the name of Johnny Massa he will haul your horse manure away for fee or your can drive your pile to him and dump for free!...that right for FREE! He is located in Hollister and you must make an appointment if your going to dump. His details are on my additional services page.

What do you do with your poo? Tell us about it! kwase@thatbarnlife.com


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