Colleen Shjeflo Owner/Trainer @ Peninsula Equestrian Academy

Yep, I can confidently say I'm living my dream!

My Name is Colleen Shjeflo I am the Owner of The Peninsula Equestrian Academy which is based at Pagemill Pastures in Palo Alto. As a Trainer, I offer lesson programs and horse training in the hunter/jumper style.

I am very fortunate to have the most adventurous day-to-day life and fulfilling career imaginable! and it all started when I was 9, maybe 10 years old in western riding --bareback trail rides, and team roping. I was mesmerized. But once I tried my first jumping lesson, my heart skipped a beat. So I traded in my cowgirl hat for breeches and entered the 3-day Eventing world. Alongside that, I built a solid foundation in dressage. Yet, my true calling, lies in the show jumping arena. As a student, my wish is to provide you with the benefit my eclectic riding background. Allowing me to draw the best aspects from each riding style. With that and my passion for the sport is why I strive to offer a quality service. We all have unique abilities, and they're just waiting to be discovered!

At PEA we proudly tailors our training programs to each individual rider and horse. I can take students from their first ride all the way to their very first show. Our barn offers wonderful arenas large enough for a full jumping course as well as access to acres of adjacent trails to explore, allowing me to coach on the fine points of trail riding to provide you with a well rounded experience.

Aspirations for my riders should be: diligence, positivity, and fun!

Contact me to create a lesson program tailored to suit you! (650) 759-0737