Cassandra Keith & Leah Feliz Owners/Trainers @ Five Star Equestrian

"Creating a better rider by fostering the development of horsemanship."

Five Star Equestrian is located in Castro Valley, and is not a typical show barn. Owned by Cassandra Keith and Leah Feliz, Five Star tailors its program around Hunter/Jumper, Equitation and Dressage training. What makes this barn different from the others? It’s focus. Five Star creates an environment where horses influence students to develop confidence, leadership skills, determination, patience, and the ability to manage anger and frustration successfully.

Five Star emphasizes the importance of the partnership. To create a bond between the horse and rider in order to foster the development from the ground up. The horsemanship based training that Leah and Cassandra provide to their students, teaches not only how to ride, but how to better communicate with the horses through understanding and respect.  Students are cultivated to build solid foundations in horsemanship skills, along with a strong sensitivity to the horses. This enables Five Star students to set and achieve their goals successfully.

It's not only about the riders here people! Don't forget about the horses! Five Star Equestrian works with horses that others have tossed aside. Many horses get left behind when they get older and or develop injuries due to the demands of their sport. Five Star brings these horses into their program, tend to their health issues and work through the damage from past experiences. Once this new role is established and the horses are retrained through the Five Star program, they are confidently able to find new homes with people who will love them and provide them with the care they need and deserve. Through this program of rehabilitating horses, students learn to appreciate their equine partners beyond the show world and are given the opportunity to have a role in that change and in the way horses are treated.

Five Star works with riders of all ages and backgrounds. Striving to contribute to a better quality of life, even beyond the barn.

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 Five Star Website:  Phone: 650-440-2450