The TBL Nation: Welcomes Cassey Morris!

Round Pen Training
Round Pen Training is a training technique that helps humans to connect and communicate with their horse for a more harmonious understanding of horse and human relationship.

The TBL Nation is excited to present this month Cassey Morris. She is the first accredited UK breeder of the Rocky Mountain Horse. Based in Essex, United Kingdom. What readers don’t know is that this talented round pen trainers’ passion for horses began in adversity. 

At the age the 12 while out jumping her horse, she had a seizure. She landed face down with no one around. A passer-by saw Cassey on the ground with the horse standing over her nudging her to roll her over. (Thank the heavens for the passer-by!)
Unfortunately, the horse was later sold as Cassey developed unexpected reoccurring seizures. (that have continued since that day.) From then on though…she realized there must be some sort of connection or affinity between humans and horses. How did the horse know to instinctively roll a human over? Wanting to explore this theory She started by training in horsemanship and communication, through the use of body language.

The Rocky Mountain Horse

Being unable to ride due to her seizures, Cassey decided to look for a calm breed that would work for the disabled. Looking at temperament, disposition and trainability and came across a strange colored horse that was strikingly beautiful. Arranging for breed herd to travel to the UK… this began Cassey’s tutelage with this horse and her love of the breed

For More information :
Twitter: RockyMountainHorseUK@HstudTrainers

Below is a podcast of Cassey and Amy Stevenson at #horsehour in it she talks about the breed, their different gaits, how she started breeding and what to look out for if you are considering breeding.

*Photo taken by Sara Johnson
*Photos also taken with permission from Facebook