Lunging Over Cavellettis

Lunging Over Cavellettis
Part 1

Trainer: Clare Long
Horse: Korri 16.2hh, liver chestnut Oldenburg gelding

(Video is transcribed below)

(Trainer) Good boy! Ok, so there is the first direction. I do it that way, I do everything one direction, then I pat them and praise them, then I do the other direction. You can mix it up. You can go over one one way, and then go over it the other, any way you want to do it is fine, as long as it is fun, mental work.
This work is going to make him really relaxed and happy today. He will be super 'chill' for the rest of today, and super happy to work tomorrow.
Because of my handy, dandy cool attachment, I can just reverse him, and we can just play around a little this way (To the right).



*This training video was republished by permission from Clare Long