The Square Peg Foundation

Square Peg Foundation
By Monique La Barr

Focused on hope and love, The Square Peg Foundation is in the midst of creating an amazing environment for children as well as animals to thrive, flourish, and grow. Beginning with an innovative idea 20 years ago, The Square Peg Foundation takes direct inspiration from the struggles of both children and animals, as well as the guidance that horses provide. The idea is that horses directly serve as an illustrative look into what it takes to be strong and complete, with unconditional love in each and every way. It goes to show that riding horses has been shown to provide children with an incredible feeling of accomplishment, and have even been shown to reduce anxiety symptoms. It has also been said by many that children learn best in a loving environment where they feel safe, secure, and loved. Horses help to provide this love and leadership in a way that is non-intrusive and free from traditional harsh disciplinary actions.

Children learn best by being in environments that are conducive to open minded action. The idea of educating children and helping animals such as horses goes together in a revolutionary way. The Square Peg Foundation understands the power of horses and the role that they play in comforting the human psyche, especially the psyche of a young mind that is still developing. There is something that is extremely beneficial about children spending time around horses, and it helps them in exponential ways.
The Square Peg Foundation knows just how important it is for horses to thrive in harmony along with children who are looking to learn as much as possible. The Foundation is focused on bringing this harmony to the forefront, and making it possible for any child that is interested in learning and riding horses be able to do so. They are also making it possible for horses to live healthy, long, and joyous lives. At the end of the day, there are those that are intent on making a positive influence and difference in society, and The Square Peg Foundation is at the forefront of this by creating hope, change, and spreading love as much as possible.