The Los Altos Hounds Club

If you are like me, and have travelled to merry ol' England...The English Hunt is as old as time, and quite a spectacle to see...

Now we Americans can participate in our own "hunt"!

Los Altos Hounds

The History of hunting is as old as man hunting for food in prehistoric times, Before man decided to make it into a game. Hunting for sport isn't food-driven, but some say to appreciate nature and seek a excitement in the complex game of life. Around the 18th century, fox hunting started as a sport in England and has since then become an activity that engages people seeking an affinity with nature. 
The Los Altos Hounds Club was founded in 1953, by Dr. Robert L. and Mr. Wall N. with the purpose of following their three hounds on horseback with a drag sent. About a dozen more riders joined them on the field, and the hunts took place in Woodside and Portola Valley.

From 1956- to today... the newly formed hunt has moved to the "Play Pen," a thirty-acre facility in the heart of Woodside.  With this new space,  it has made it possible to acquire foxhounds instead of beagles, which has improved the sport.  The Hounds are highly trained providing biddable, reliable hounds.

For more information about becoming a member please see the website link and apply as required.


-Editor's note : No animals are harmed during the participation of this discipline