Eventful Acres

What is Eventful Acres?

Eventful Acres is an equestrian facility in Oregon House, California and is the perfect place for eventing. Spread over 35 acres that is filled with the majestic and enchanting oak trees that provide shade for the lush green grass. If your looking to enjoy a lovely horse vacation, then this place to go. Here you cannot only practice your riding skills but also learn it for the first time, if you haven't got a chance to. Eventful Acres provides shelters with misters along with 140 paddocks bring your horse and have a complete and refreshing camping environment if you plan to stay a few days!

What do they teach?

This facility is dedicated to providing its guest with an exceptional riding program for different levels and ages. They provide lessons in dressage, show jumping, and eventing. Starting from the beginning and proceeding towards the advanced levels. Eventful Acres offers efficient and quality horses for lease, so you can get to practice even outside training and dip your toe in before taking the actual riding lessons. The main goal and of this program is for the students to achieve the happy partnership with the horses and enjoy ultimate success in competitions. 

The facility has created various levels of difficulty in its course training exercises. Ones that you will have to encounter while in an Eventing competition.  It is further enhanced by numerous XC obstacles and 2 ½ acre sand arena.

What do you need to bring?

First of all, you have to bring your horse, if you haven't one, then you can lease one of the training horses for the weekend. Also, if you intend on camping...Camping gear would be beneficial! Should you not want to camp...you can always reserve the RVs through the facility or you can bring your vehicle as well!

For further information, you can consult the website.