Lunging Over Cavellettis

Lunging Over Cavellettis Part 2

By Clare Long

Trainer: Clare Long
Horse: Korri 16.2hh, liver chestnut Oldenburg gelding 

(Video Transcription below)

(Trainer) I'm just going to let him play for a minute, he needs to run a little. Good boy. One more and then we are done. I wanted him to land on the right lead there. He's tired now, he wants to quit. OK.  So that is 'all she wrote' for his energy. You saw he got tired there, and he was ready to quit. And that's the whole point: getting him tired without getting him horribly physically tired. We get him mentally tired, and happy and relaxed. So, there it is. I am going to come closer to you and explain what I was doing.

(Trainer) He already knows how to jump, so that makes it much easier. The hardest part is lining him up properly for the jumps. And you can see me having to do that. When I want him to jump, I get him lined up properly, and when I don't want him to jump, I make sure that he is not steering straight for the fence. I'm sure you picked that up, you saw how I set him up when I wanted him to jump, and I set him up when I don't.

(Trainer) The other thing is:  you saw right there in the middle, he was really high. He just needed to run and plunge and gallop and buck and trot enormous. So, if they are really hot like that, stop with the Cavelletti work, and just let them run and 'buck it out'. That's the whole point: for them to be in here, having fun. Then, once they settle, go back to a little more Cavelletti work. Again, if he gets super high, go away from the Cavellettis, because it makes it pretty impossible for him to concentrate on his fences, when he is plunging about.

(Trainer) Now, he needs to cool down and have a roll. After pretty much any work, I turn them loose to roll and wander around. (I will make that the subject of my next video). So, I am going to go ahead and do that, and I'll see you next time."


*This training video was republished by permission from Clare Long