Horse Box or Horse Trailer? - You Decide!

Horsebox or Horse Trailer? - You Decide!

"It's not like the US is short of disposable income? I really wonder why the horsebox hasn't taken off in the US? Everyone knows we love our luxury and the horsebox is it!"

Horseboxes vs. Horse Trailers.

The Goose Neck Trailer

 Goose Neck Trailer

Goose Neck Trailer

Transporting your horse to and from events is a very important process, not only for the horse, but also, the rider.  In the US and UK, two distinct styles of this transportation exist: the horsebox and horse trailer. The horse trailer – most commonly used and adopted in the United States – usually takes the form of a common trailer, and is meant to be hauled via truck, or semi-truck.  This style of equine transportation most commonly resembles an RV, and can usually hold about 6-8 horses, with smaller models available that can hold two horses max. 

The first appearances of a horse trailers were used as horse-drawn ambulances, a vehicle for transporting wounded horses to veterinarians.  Pristine railroad cars were also an early mode of transportation for horses to and from competition before the dawn of the automobile.  According to a Popular Science article (dated all the back to December of 1918), in World War 1, horses were used with infantry units in France, and the unlucky few who sustained injures during the course of the war were transported by special horse ambulance vehicles, developed with new technology that allowed them to walk forward both onto and off the truck.  Not only was this an early innovation in the horse trailer world, but it also helped save the lives of many horses.

The HorseBox

 Horse Box

Horse Box

Popular brands of horse trailers include Trails West, Eby, Platinum Coach, and Lakota.  Trailers are definitely the cheapest way to go since they require automobiles, and can run from anywhere between $70 to a couple thousand dollars, depending if you buy new or used.  In the United Kingdom and Europe, the horse box is the most popular option for transportation.  The horse box is an all-in-one vehicle that requires no hitch and range from 3.5 tons-40 tons gross weight.  The benefit of the horse box is that because of its build, most of them even contain human accommodations such as bedrooms and bathrooms.  This is due to the fact many competitions can run over multiple days – rounding out the all-in-one convenience factor of horse boxes. 

Popular horse box brands include: Ketterer House, DAF, and Equi-Trek.  Horse box models can tend be higher in price, and can run up to €52,999($73,522 USD).  The reason behind the hefty price tag lies in the fact these boxes include a vehicle chassis and the added bonus of living corridors for both you and your horse. Many enthusiasts wonder why the horse box hasn’t caught on in the United States as it has in Europe.  The answer is simple: horsepower.  Americans are the largest consumers of pick-ups, dual-styled trucks, and semis in the world.  Driving and the open road are ingrained in American blood, so it’s no wonder that the hitch-based horse-trailer is a go-to.  With high gas prices and an unenthusiastic call to the open highway found in Europe, an all-in one horse box options are a no brainier. What do you think is better, the horse box or horse trailer?  Let us know what you use for transport in the comments below!


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