White Line Part Deux

White Line Part Deux!

The Feature follow up: I don’t even know where to be begin! If you click back through the features …you will see that I have previously written about the effects of white line disease. Its the silent killer of horse’s hooves, the gift that keeps on giving! and I have come to discover that if turn your back for even a second during a wet season (like we just had) and if your horse is predisposed to it like mine is, it creeps into your horse’s hooves …like an abscess and spreads necrosis that if not treated will eat your horses’ hooves alive! Not pretty folks not pretty! What also compounded the infection, was that I recently had to switch farriers (we seemed to keep missing each other?!) and due to massive mud in the pastures, (Y’all know what I am talking about!) also caused extreme thrush! So this time, the white line & infection was worse than it was before. My poor boo!

What to do?

Find yourself a damn good reliable farrier! And get on a 6-week schedule. I recently picked up Mike Hayward, and I couldn’t be happier. Phury’s feet are on the mend and I can honestly say that he is the second name on my horse emergency speed dial list! Second only to my fantastic vet Dr. Carolyn Wollenberger. Let me tell you! One doesn’t realize how important someone is until you don’t have them! And a good farrier is like a good mechanic you find a good one stick with them! Because they are gifted individuals that keep your animal on four legs. I remember when I was in the market for a horse and I would see all of these horses that had terrible feet for the simple reason of, their owners didn’t want to put any more money into the horse they were going to sell?! Which I thought was absolutely ridiculous? Would you sell a car with no wheels? Or bald wheels? Same goes for horse without good healthy hooves most likely your horse wont be sound?! And how do you expect to get to the championships on a lame horse?

With all of that said …Its going to take at least 6 to 10 months for the hoof to fully heal (cosmetically) and I am encouraging the heal by adding a good hoof vitamin supplement to his grain. I pick his feet daily and douse his “White-line bits” in thrust buster! And as I walk him to the arena with is snaggletooth hooves I hang my head in shame, that I let go this far. Thank goodness I can still ride!