"Well it's about time!"-A Lady and her Thoroughbred

I have always been, what some would might say "socially predisposed" from planing cocktail parties to attending charity events I enjoy meeting people and making connections.

My name is Kwase Hjulstrom and I was raised in Palo Alto, CA. I attended university in the UK and ended up extending my stay for a further 4 years. I returned home in 2009 and in 2010 I started riding again, and while riding alone can be therapeutic riding with friends is even better! So I found myself starting a Facebook page to "rally the troupes".  

What I noticed however, was that there was no real outlet recording and highlighting what we as riders were accomplishing. As well as there are lots of people in my neighborhood who would love to attend horse events but it seemed as if only those "in the know" knew where the events were? With that said, in creating this magazine, I wanted to give riders a place to go online to see the everyday equestrian, those of us who are grinding to be the best at our discipline. 

My intention is to have an online resource Bay Area based, but known throughout. To maintain the integrity of our horse community while gaining new riders and spectators to the sport. I want to assist bringing forward California's up-and-coming riders into the forefront of equestrian athletics. Turning the spotlight on those "all-stars" that are really contributing to the different disciplines of the sport!  "Yes people. We have winning riders and potential Olympians in California, and we're turning them out one ride at a time!

Can't wait to see you at the barn!

-Kwase Hjulstrom

Special thanks to our current contributors:

Izzy Witts
Kathleen Shelton
Clare Long @ Clarity Performance Horse Training
Mavis Spencer- Show Jumper
Joelle & Darius Dunlap @ Square Peg Foundation
Trish Larson-Clayburgh- Artist
Tenth Life Foundation
Cassey Morris - UK

Watch Us Make Our Way To Equestrian Greatness!

 By providing news, information and commentary, Thatbarnlife.com highlights the Bay Area California's Equestrian activities. Written for all riders, from the experienced professional to the novice alike; with content focused locally, to eventually extend regionally and beyond. TBL will keep you abreast of what's really going on in the arena.

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